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Refurbishment Fundraiser


During the 4 days of Kytheraismos you will have the opportunity to make a tax deductable donation for the onging refurbishment of the Nursing home in Potamos.

Call John Kallinicos for more information 0411 805 030


Trifylleion Foundation of Kytherians

Athens Greece, 16 June 2019




Τhe Trifylleion Foundation of Kytherians, as the manager of the Kytherian Nursing Home for the aged, warmly welcomes the proposed fund raising launch by Panaghia Myrtidiotissa Limited of Brisbane Australia, through its Directors and John Kallinicos, for the purpose of the internal refurbishing of our Nursing Home. In fact, this prospective donation will be of great help to us, since our financial resources are not adequate to continue and complete the interrupted project of renovating the whole building, inside-out, which started two years ago, by insulating the exterior, thanks mainly to the generous donation of Panaghia Myrtidiotissa Limited. Thus, when the planned works of an extensive interior renovation are completed, we will have a totally upgraded building that will provide improved living conditions to the residents and a better working environment for staff. 


Completing the renovations will reduce the running costs of the facility and make it even more attractive to prospective newcomers. It will also enhance the prestige of the Nursing Home in the eyes of the Kytherians all over and make them even more proud of their fellow compatriots in Australia, who with their actions ceaselessly prove that they never forget the land of their ancestors and they share in the efforts to improve the lives of its people.

Given all this, we strongly endorse the fund raising efforts of Panaghia Myrtidiotissa Limited and we strongly urge our fellow Kytherians in Australia to contribute to this great cause, perhaps helping among others some of their own relatives too. Their contribution will be appreciated and recognised.


The Chairman of the Board of Directors                                

Dr Emmanuelle G. Kalokairinos             


The Secretary General                                 

Dr Nicholas P. Glytsos

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